Lui Hospital

Lui Hospital is only medical facility that helps the community of greater Mundri to have access to health services.. The hospital is located on the grounds of Lui Diocese, part of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan.

The hospital is managed by CUAMM (Doctors with Africa – Italia). Unfortunately, there are hardly any qualified doctors and medical staff available to perform all kinds of medical procedures. Hygiene is also poor and there is a shortage of medical equipment, furniture, beds and medicines.

Patient data is sent to Juba once a month so that information can be shared internationally.

Do you work for an organization such as Doctors Without Borders or do you feel the calling to help the people in Mundri/Lui? Call or email us; you are very welcome to come and help!

The only Facility that helps all the communites of greater Mundri to have access to health services.

Lui Hospital is located about 25 km east of Mundri Town.

Lui Hospital

Funded by African Mission

Welcome to the website of the Lui Hospital. It’s located in the area of Lui, South Sudan.

Lui Hospital

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Serving the community of Greater Mundri

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